Issue with accomodating

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Issue with accomodating

No accommodation is required, however, if it would impose an undue hardship.And again, undue hardship is a familiar term from the Americans with Disabilities Act but it is applied differently in the context of religious issues. For example, an employee who is prohibited by religious practice from working on the Sabbath may be given an alternative schedule.

However, no matter the academic level, students with psychiatric disabilities benefit from extra support.This article is provided only as general information, which may or may not reflect the most current legal developments or be complete.Enid Weiner, MSW, Ed D I coordinate the Psychiatric Dis/Abilities Program at York University in Toronto.For example, suppose an employee’s religion requires that he or she wear particular clothes that are considered hazardous if worn near moving equipment or machinery.Unless there is another type of clothing that would meet the employee’s religious needs, permitting the employee to work in those clothes may be an undue hardship because of legitimate safety rules or regulations.

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