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Meanwhile, Sephora Reservation Assistant, the other Facebook bot launching this week, uses natural language processing to book makeover appointments.

And in case you wanted to purchase your own Harmony, Mc Mullen's dolls will cost you about ,000 and are available for pre-order now.The current Facebook chatbot and the virtual artist on Sephora’s mobile app has received over four million visits, with over 90 million shades tried on, according to Laughton.“We know our clients love to engage with the virtual try-on,” she says.Given the limitations of artificial intelligence (see: Microsoft’s Tay spouting racist epithets a day after launch) chatbots aren’t a one-size-fits-all proposition.But some brands have managed to use them successfully to engage customers.

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Laughton says those notifications have a high open rate but declined to give a specific number.“By nature, Sephora chatbot users will have a logged cadence of questions, because of how the platform services their inquiries,” Laughton explains, “whereas speaking with our in store experts (which can also be question driven) tends to be more conversational because of the educational services and environment we offer.” Laughton says they’re not comparing the interactions, rather she says it’s about solving the clients needs, no matter where they are.