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Dating brianj1973 personals brianj 73

The really interesting thing is that the cadence and style of the song always keep changing; the verses have a reggae-fied background that morphs into an aggressive techno landscape in the choruses, which then lead us to a succession of instrumental breaks, a saxophone solo and an end that’s as much of an anti-climax as it is surprisingly satisfying.

I wonder why this song wasn’t released as a single, especially because the ones that were chosen to promote the album weren’t as successful as it had been expected – this would surely have injected some much needed life to the album's promotion.

Even though what I have just written is hardly original as far as Laika singers are concerned, what separates Garbi from the rest of the genre's stars is that she is extremely careful with the material she chooses.

She is never self-indulgent and never allows herself to rest in her laurels, and that’s what I like so much about her: her total commitment to pleasing her audience by always striving to offer the best material she can find.

:-)La Garbi is also one of Greece’s most highly regarded celebrities, and her success has been built upon sheer charisma, integral professionalism and hard work.

It also is notable because it has Kaiti’s highest notes ever (even though they are very distorted by a vocoder). It combines a heavy, thumping percussive line with gorgeous folk guitars and a hook-ridden melody that will be stuck in your brain for days.

A shocked Kaiti laughed, then cried, ran around the scenario several times with a dazed expression, and finally accepted with a tearful smile. (Αυτό) Το Κάτι - (Afto) To Kati/(That) Something2000 was a very fructiferous year in terms of creativity (and success) for the world of Greek music.

No less because its three official goddesses all released exceptionally good double albums that were either preceded by or presented with the most successful singles in Greek history ever.

Ζήλια - Zilia/Jealousy This aggressive dance track heavily samples Donna Summer’s , but improves on the original by adding what sounds like a deafening storm of sound explosions happening all in rapid succession, and often at the same time.

The heavy, cold instrumentation creates a very sharp contrast with the melody, which is very mellow and soft, but is constantly pushed forward by Kaiti’s stout vocals, which also create a compact structure in a song that seems to endlessly revolve without direction in a chaotic myriad of electronic effects.

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I suppose that, tired of hearing Kaiti beg for years and watching people’s very favourable reactions to her singing, Kaiti’s father understood what her true calling in life was and gave his unconditional support. Kaiti met success immediately, and unlike other more popular singers ;-), she has rarely trailed off from the platinum path.

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