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The God of Thunder and guardian deity of Earthrealm, Raiden is wholeheartedly dedicated to the protection of his realm and its people.

Once an famiy man with a wife and children, Atrocitus is the last survivor of Sector 666, the victim of a massacre by the Manhunters caused by defective programming.

In combat, Joker uses his revolver, knife, crowbar, joy buzzer, laughing gas canisters and a flag gun that actually fires the flag to torture his opponents.

His trait allows him to get faster the more he laughs.

With heavy emphasis on command throws and ground combat, Swamp Thing can reach across the screen by turning his hands into vines, copy himself to combo enemies, and sprout branches to surprise airborne enemies.

Wonder why Brainiac fights himself at the end of Battle Simulator? Okay, so in Battle Simulator, it turns out the playable Brainiac is really a disguise for Brainiac 5, a heroic descendant of, you guessed it, Brainiac.

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