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Am i intimidatingly beautiful

Foregoing the internal ranking system in favor of being your best self and helping your girlfriends do the same was a revelation to me. Beyoncé listened to “Dirty Laundry” and, Rowland says, “She heard how real I was and was like ‘I’m so proud of you.’” If Kelly Rowland can come around to the idea that she shines more (not less) because of her proximity to Beyoncé, there’s hope for the rest of us.

However, it's important to keep in mind that hormones can make you feel ugly, even if you aren't—and there will always be some people who see pretty things about you, always somebody who will fall in love with you, and there will always be something awesome about you inside and out.

When we hate on women who we perceive to be more “together” than we are, we’re really just expressing the negative feelings we have about our own careers, or bodies, or relationships.

The economy sucks, and awesome jobs are in short supply.

In many industries, women are still perceived to be token hires — which means that other women can feel like our chief competition. ” isn’t just a trashy tabloid feature, it’s a dynamic that we apply to the sartorial choices of everyone in our similarly dressed friend group.

Feminists, ostensibly united by their shared desire to advance gender equality, should be those who are most supportive of their peers’ successes.

But as long as there’s been a women’s movement, there’s been a tendency to tear down its most prominent figures.

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“I don’t shine if you don’t shine” is a lesson I learned from my best friend Amina, who is effortlessly stylish (she’s been mixing prints since 2007 — get in line, Jenna Lyons), frighteningly intelligent (she speaks a handful of languages and is adept at cracking wise in all of them), and beautiful, too.